Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 April 15 * NaPoWriMo * Day 15 [Poem]

Warming Up To The Beach
                A Terza riMa

We all agree last winter was a strain.
But Spring is here and everything is fresh.
Although it seems we've had a lot of rain,

It's warming up; soon we can bare some flesh.
Let's go and sink our toes into some sand.
While wearing bathing suits with lots of mesh.

For lunch we can go by the pretzel stand,
Unless there's something else you'd like to do.
Let's get ice cream with one cone in each hand!

Then rent surf boards and catch a wave or two.
When sunset comes and only we remain,
So glad I had a fun beach day with you.

By Cheryl Crockett

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#Winter #Spring #Warmth #Beach
#Summer #Pretzel #Rain #IceCream

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  1. I was missing the sea and your poem brought back many memories of the beaches and the sunset! Nice poem.:)