Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 April 11 * NaPoWriMo * Day 11 [Poem]

I Need Some Wine To Love You (Blues)
                A PoeM OF WINE AND LOVE

I need some wine to love you ‘cause life with you’s so hard.
I need some wine to love you baby; life with you’s so hard.
Gotta down a couple glasses before we even start.

Always fighting over something; we always disagree.
It seems everything’s an argument; we always disagree.
When I think I want some Pinot, you bring white wine to me!

I ain't goin' no where baby but something gotta give!
Don't have no plans to leave you but something gotta give! 
When wine and love become a habit, that ain't no way to live! 

By Cheryl Crockett 

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