Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 April 14 * NaPoWriMo * Day 14 [Poem]

Strategy Session (7 Haiku)
                Questions On Each Line except the last      
Are you ready yet?
Can we get started right now?
Could you take minutes?

Did all teams show up?
Does headquarters have our stats?
Don't we have the edge?

How can we win this?
Might we spy on the others?
May I share my notes?

Shall we close the door?
Shant we keep this off record?
Should we send smoke screens?

Shouldn't we take care?
What if they figure it out?
When will we be done?
Where do we have flaws?
Why don't they suspect us yet?
Will we repeat this?

Won't they be surprised?
Would you read back the minutes?
Meeting is adjourned.  
By Cheryl Crockett                     
                 Click here for the Official Day 14 Prompt

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