Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 April 5 * NaPoWriMo * Day 5 [Poem]

A Golden Shovel Poem

    IN LINE FOR THE LOTTERY                                     

    The old man smiled with his numbers to play 
    As he slipped inside the liquor store door he noticed your 
    List while you waited they listened to the busker’s guitar

     “He’s gonna be a star I tell ya! Listen to that boy!”
    As the dreamers print their combos putting money in the till
    A richer tomorrow drowns the sorrows that were yesterday’s

    Harsh nightmare of never being in the black
    Choosing between buying new shoes or feeding the cat
     But no one sees the shoplifter as he suddenly runs

    Into the street as the officer pulls up and gets out
    Of his squad car he sees the promise of tomorrow’s
    Youth disappear as quickly as the robber with the back

    Pack stuffed with stolen snacks sirens blare rattling the door
    As more hopeful gamblers arrive at the store with numbers and
    Big noble plans well in hand Will a win exempt them from evil

    Forever protecting their families when they have grown old
    And grey? With the smallest of wins life won’t be as hard
    As it is today so for now everyone wishes everybody else luck

    Each lays down a buck understanding the odds “I ain’t
    never gonna win if I’m not in this here line!"  no
    matter how poor our prospects we always want more

    By Cheryl Crockett   
       Creative Approach Notes: 
    • 21 words in the inspiration poem will generate 21 lines which I might arrange in 7 stanzas of 3 lines each
    • All words are right justified on my creative work space so I will write lines of poetry knowing with what word they will end
    • Forgetting the message of the inspiration poem is necessary because the new poem will be on an entirely different subject (I may keep the theme)
    • To justify certain words at the end of each line (so they do not appear forced) a strong rhythm may be required

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