Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 April 3 * NaPoWriMo * Day 3 [Poem]

A Charm Poem
       A siMple rhyMing poeM 

A daily poem you want to write,
But its so very late at night.
What happens when you need to be
Inspired to write new poetry?
Recall something that makes you cry.
Sad memories are worth a try.
Next write your thoughts down with a pen,
Then think some more and write again.

What in your life makes you feel proud?
Call a friend and share out loud!
Listen to what they have to say,
And write your story, just use their way.   
Are there some feats you think are fun?
. . . Activities you've never done?
What if you imagined how
It would be if you did them now?
There is no need for you to fear,
No need to conjure magic hear.
There's nothing that will change your fate,
Except if you procrastinate!
      By Cheryl Crockett 
#Rhyming #Poem
       The Official Prompt for Day 3: "Third Time's the Charm"


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